Details made visible

As you explore your surroundings, use your smartphone to take a closer look at the little details around you. Witness how they transform into something greater by trying the 4 filters below.


Filter 1

Expand your vision

Uncover unique scenes outside of your direct line of sight.


Filter 2

Details in plain sight

Transform ordinary windows around you into colourful portals.


Filter 3

Details in perspective

Discover different parts of a hidden mural through a single detail.


Filter 4

Illuminating details

Create your own virtual paintings using the light sources near you.

Discover other worlds

Take a look at the many details uncovered by others across the globe. Add your viewpoint too with the hashtag #DetailsUnveiled for a chance to be featured on our platforms.

Find your clarity again

The power of Nikon Lenswear

Find your clarity again

Don’t let life’s most important details go unnoticed. Discover the different types of Nikon Lenswear solutions for clearer and more accurate vision.